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Wednesday Evening News Roundup

  • I feel pretty confident that Roland Burris will be seated in the Senate sometime soon. Everyone, slowly but surely, is coming to the same conclusion. We have no evidence that Roland Burris has done anything wrong. The man has an ego the size of the state of Illinois, true, but as far as I know, that is not a crime. Representative Bobby Rush, who looks something like Skeletor, is a perfect character in this relatively unbelievable tale. He was the one who was called to the podium after Ronald Burris was introduced as Governor Blagojevich‘s choice for the vacant Senate seat. Rep. Rush keeps using these race-based analogies which just don’t fit. I would go so far as to say they’re completely and totally inappropriate. He went on Hardball with Chris Matthews and equated not seating Ronald Burris with the dogs that were commanded to attack blacks in Birmingham, Alabama. I just hope someone can find him a good psychiatrist.
  • A cease-fire was negotiated in the Gaza Strip so that humanitarian aid could get into Gaza City.  The cease-fire which was supposed to last three hours lasted approximately 15 minutes.
  • President-elect Barack Obama stated that the stimulus package may grow as change is needed. I find this completely appropriate.
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein, who had nothing but venom to spew at Leon Panetta on Monday, is now supporting his nomination. Maybe Tuesday was the first time she had an opportunity to see how much progressives really despised her role in facilitating the crimes against the Constitution that George Bush perpetrated.
  • President Jimmy Carter gives his assessment of what is happening in Gaza.  Whether you believe his version of events or not, it is clear that he has tired to broker peace and stop the blood-shed.

I am again having some computer issues and may not be able to post as much as I would like to this evening.


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  1. You know that the world has gone made when the unconstitutional involvement of a dangerous religious extremist like Rick Warren in the inauguration is praised to the hilt in the corporate media while the perfectly legal appointment of Burris is treated with contempt.

  2. I have just tried to get over Rick Warren. Perception is important in our society. Burris has a bad taint but will be seated. Warren has a good taint because he is personable and has sold a ton of books.

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