So what happened on that flotilla? This video tells another story.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Iara’s Testimony. from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.

it is clear that this video tells another story of what happened on the flotilla. We don’t have the whole truth from either video that we’ve seen. I suspect that the truth is somewhere in the middle. It appears that some on this flotilla were aching for a fight. Who brings a slingshot with them anywhere? On the other hand, Israeli commandos who attack in the middle of the night weren’t simply innocent victims either. In my opinion, this whole flotilla confrontation is a reflection of the whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Two peoples telling a story from two completely opposite sides of the spectrum. We’re not to get peace until we can find some middle ground. Right now, it doesn’t appear that anybody looking to hard to find that middle ground. Sooner or later everyone will need to come to the conclusion that they are not going to exterminate their opponent. Neither the Palestinians or the Israelis will get tired and move to Iowa. Both peoples have been in this land for thousands of years. an equitable solution needs to be found.