Northern Iraq

This is a problem. Colin Powell was required to personally intervene in order to stop a Turkish invasion back in 2003. We took our eyes off of the ball. Yes, there are many balls but the Kurds pestering the Turks was one of the balls. This was identified as a problem or potential problem early on. Now what?



Turkey’s Parliament on Wednesday was expected to approve a possible cross-border military incursion into northern Iraq to chase separatist Kurdish rebels despite international calls for restraint.

Turkish leaders have stressed that an offensive against the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, would not immediately follow the motion authorizing the incursion.

Iraq has urged Turkey not to send troops across the border to pursue separatist Kurds in mountain hideouts. It dispatched the Sunni vice president to Ankara and called for a diplomatic solution to tensions that have raised fears of a new front in the Iraq war. (more…)