The problem isn’t that the Military decided to lie. The problem is the atmosphere that the Bush administration has created. Bush and the gang made it clear that anything goes as long as you support the team. Push the war. Push tax cuts. If you did that you could pretty much say anything and do anything.

2 of the stories that helped sell the war in Iraq turned out to be false. Pat Tillman did not die in a fire fight with the enemy. Instead, he was killed by friendly fire. Why? What happened? Jessica Lynch, who has as least 2 movies made about the story that the military made up about her, testified that she was not a hero. She did not go down in a hail of bullets. Instead, she was captured because she and her folk company mates were lost and took a very wrong turn. The rest of her story is here.

I guarantee that Bush administration officials are plenty isolated from this.  No one will have to pay for lying to the American public.  Yes, some Army officials are being called out but the folks in the White House are safe in their bunker.