I feel weird back from a day off.  Crazy.  I’m doing the show without headphones so I feel naked.  No, not really not clothes naked because it is 20 degrees outside!!

Sean Bell and his 2 friends are shot and killed by the NY police department.  50 bullets are shot at their car.  No weapon.  Yuck.  I can’t remember a white man being shot like this outside of Bonnie and Clyde.

Although Bush says he is open to new ideas and change it sure seems like he is saying, “Stay the Course.”  At the same time Cheney tip-toes into Saudi Arabia.

The first Democrat is officially out of the gate – Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

My first guest is Congressman Elect Keith Ellison.  He is the first Muslim to be elected to Congress but he is more than that.  He will work for the common good.  This is an excellent interview but because I have any interviewing skill but because Congressman Elect Ellison is a very thoughtful man.  He will be great.

My second guest is Jim Stratton a reporter from the Orlando Sentinal.  He is following the missing 18,000 votes in Florida.  He will give us an update.

There’s much more.

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