Saddam Executed


Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been executed, according to two Arabic language media outlets.

Hussein was hanged before dawn on Saturday in Iraq, at about 6 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET), the U.S.-backed Al-Hurra television reported.

Earlier, Munir Haddad, a judge on the appeals court that upheld the former dictator’s death sentence, and an adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki each confirmed the paperwork needed for Hussein’s execution had been prepared late Friday. (more…)

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  1. I wonder what it will mean now since the Vatican has condemmed the execution of addam? It makes me feel uneasy at any rate. The Vatican, which opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, said Saddam’s execution would likely worsen the situation on the ground. The war in Iraq was the cause for one of the biggest rifts between the Vatican and the United States government. In the build-up to the invasion in 2003, the late Pope John Paul sent senior cardinals to U.S. President George W. Bush urging him not to invade and to Saddam urging him to abide by international resolutions.
    Relations worsened after Saddam was captured in 2003, when the Pope’s justice minister, Cardinal Renato Martino, criticised the United States military for treating the former Iraqi leader “like a cow”.

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