Kerry ain't going to take it

Wow.  Kerry fighting back.  Where was this 2 years ago?  He was in the president’s grill.  He didn’t allow the Republicans to get off the hook.  He has actually counter-punched.  OMG!!!  Someone call 9-11.  I can’t beleive my eyes and ears.  This what I have wanted to see.  Some backbone.  Some standup and fight.  Damn it.  American is worth fighting for!!

(I still don’t change my earlier comments.)

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  1. The wrong time to not take it
    Rep. Harold Ford

    “He needs to apologize to our troops”

    Sen. Hillary Clinton

    “What Sen. Kerry said was inappropriate”

    Gov. Janet Napolitano

    “It’s just wrong”

    U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez

    “I think his comments were inappropriate”

    New Jersey Senate President Richard Codey

    “I think it’s offensive”

    Senate candidate Jon Tester

    “Senator Kerry’s remarks were poorly worded and just plain stupid”

    North Carolina State Democratic Party chairman Jerry Meek

    “John Kerry’s botched joke was wrong and he should apologize”

    Congressional candidate Bruce Braley

    “I believe that Senator Kerry’s brief statement was inappropriate”

    Congressional candidate John Pavich

    “I believe he should apologize to the brave men and women in service

  2. There is a reason that everyone came out and said Kerry should apologize. Kerry gave the R’s something besides 104 US soldiers dead in Iraq. Kerry gave the R’s something besides a flagging economy to talk about. They were able to attack instead of defend. HUGE mistake.

    Did Kerry insult the troops? NO!! All Dems want to put this stupid comment behind them as soon as they could.

    Kerry’s ….well he isn’t a moron but DAMN this was the wrong time to screw up like that.

  3. Did Kerry insult the troops? Wrong question. Did the troops, their families and the public find his comments insulting towards the troops. Yes. That’s why his peers insisted that he apologize.

    I love the irony. He states that he is joking about stupidity of Bush and he can’t even tell the “joke” correctly.

  4. I don’t think that there is any evidence that the troops were insulted but this. You are correct that the correct question is were they insulted.

    Of course, he can’t tell a joke. No one ever thought that he could. He has to have jokes written for him. He’s a nerd of the highest order.

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