Dem Chair Dean comments on verdict

Howard Dean makes some excellent points about the Libby case.  He ties the obsession with the Libby case and smearing Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame to the lack of attention to what are soldiers are returning here at home. 

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  1. His last comment that we’ll have a Democratic president soon enough…one can only hope that the current front-runners don’t implode or don’t crap all over each other so much that no one will emerge as a viable candidate!

  2. JT –

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think that we have a VERY strong field. I’m take Richardson, Edwards or Dodd over Rudy, Romney or McCain any day.

    Look for Richardson and Edwards to move closer to the front runners over the next several months. We have some great candidates. Whomever emerges will be stronger in my opinion.

    thanks again.

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