Countdown – Interview with Joe Biden

Senator Joe Biden is a solid progressive candidate for president.  His fund raising wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad.  He is trying to be creative in getting his message out.  The problem is that he has run for President before and really didn’t make a dent in the water.  He needs to catch fire if he is going to be in the race for the long haul.

Keith Olbermann asks Biden about his vote to authorize the war in Iraq.  He asks about the “surge” and John McCain’s statements.  This is a good interview.

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  1. Errington,

    Can you talk a little about Biden’s role in the MBNA sponsored bankruptcy bill? Maybe I’ve got it wrong, but it’s my impression that Biden was quite the shepherd for that decidedly unprogressive piece of legislation.

  2. Screwy –

    As you know, you’re correct. Joe is from Delaware. MBNA and other financial giants stoked his pocketbook. Clearly, not a progressive act. He did write an op-ed in the LA Times trying to explain his vote but giving money money to an industry that clearly $30 Billion per year is very hard to explain.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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