Bush – still no plan for Iraq

One would figure that 3 years into Iraq we would be a well known path to victory and withdrawl from Iraq.  Well, that would be WRONG!! 

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  1. The leaders need to take control of their country in a way that can bring it under control. They are in a civil war and no side seems to be looking for a diplomatic (or reasonable for that matter) solution. There needs to be more pressure from other countries to end this. It’s not only about the US anymore. I dont know if you have noticed, but the attacks even as recently as 20 minutes ago (there were 2 explosions, car bombs, about 20 minutes ago.) aren’t directed at the US military, but at the people that live in the country! The two sects are attacking each other. The attack this thursday was on a Shi’ite shrine where more than 200. yes 200 people were killed. So far this seems to be their only “solution” What should the next steps be? What course of action should the US take?

  2. This also makes me wonder where do all of the people go when their homes are blown up? Where do the all of the families, buisiness owners, and kids go when there is no where to go? Who is looking out for them? Anyone? It is really heartbreaking to see this.

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