In 2002 and 2003, Jon Stewart was about the only one on the tube who would say something was critical of the president. He rejected group think. He continued to use his humor to disarm his critics. He used a old technique to shine the light of truth on the Bush administration. He would use juxtaposition. Any first year, film student can tell you how it is used in film. Well, Jon Stewart used it to show that Bush would say one thing then do a 180 and hope that no one would notice. It is my belief that the MSM noticed but didn’t want to say anything. Jon Stewart thought that was hogwash.

Stewart’s interviews with guests are usually somewhat funny but don’t very insightful. He has been criticized by others (Bill Maher) that he never asks tough questions. I’m not sure that folks tune into The Daily Show to watch Jon grill some politician. On the other hand, Jon had a great interview with President Prevez Musharraf a couple of months ago. He had a great interview with Tony Zinni. As far as I know, Jon’s interview with John McCain was the most confrontational that he has ever had. That is not his style.

Anyway, Bill Moyers has a non-confrontational admiring interview with Jon Stewart.