A few things…Friday

I’m travelling again. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife!! If God is willing, and the airlines cooperate, I should be home tonight!!

  • I’m sorry, I could care less about the Royal wedding. As far as I know, they aren’t putting any food on my table and aren’t paying any of my bills. Knowledge of the Royal wedding will not improve the job market or stop companies from shipping jobs overseas. Just like with all newlyweds, I wish them well.
  • Let’s talk sports for a second – The Dallas Mavericks slid by the Portland Trailblazers. They figured out how to blow a 17-point lead, only to hold on for dear life in the end. BTW, what was the deal with the flagrant fouls?!?!? The Los Angeles Lakers looked like they were simply running through practice drills as they spanked the New Orleans Hornets. The Orlando Magic proved that you need more than a great mobile center in order to advance in the NBA playoffs. Howard was great. The rest of the team was awful. The Atlanta Hawks move on to the second round.
  • Speaking of sports – I really, really, dislike the hype over the NFL draft. More than 50% of these guys are going to flame out. The list of over-hyped 20s is nearly endless. The fact that professional NFL coaches, owners and scouts cannot predict future performance is amazing. Just look at five years ago, (the top 10 picks in order) – Mario Williams (great player), Reggie Bush (periods of greatness mixed with average play), Vince Young (classic over hyped player), D’Brickashaw Ferguson (great player), AJ Hawk (one of the reasons the Packers won the SuperBowl), Vernon Davis (great two years ago; not so great last year), Michael Huff (seven ints in five years!!), Donte Whitner (five ints in five yrs and 19 passes defensed), Ernie Sims (one int, four and a half sacks; was traded from original team already), Matt Leinart (much hyped and now out of football). You decide if the pros did a great job at picking future players. Cam Newton was the first drafted yesterday. The second round of the draft is happening now.
  • I’m reviewing the People’s Budget. I’m liking what I’m seeing. I’ll have more on the People’s Budget. I like the idea of balancing the budget and having a surplus by 2012.
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  • ATLS, the standard in trauma care, was started nearly 35 years ago. An orthopedic surgeon crashed his plane with his wife, mother and four kids with him in the plane. His terrible ordeal led for him to push for changes in trauma care. Great story.
  • Senator Al Franken has introduced a bill in Congress that will force Congress to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m liking this.
  • Donald “Birther” Trump continues to prove how classy he is by dropping da F-Bomb on camera.
  • As I said yesterday, the birthers were going to say that Obama’s birth certificate ain’t real. I knew it. Whatever. (Btw, note the familiar formula: local conservative blogger types something that makes no sense. Drudge picks up the nonsense and plasters it on his front page. The craziness goes viral from there.)
  • Michele Bachmann is dancing away from the GOP plan to end Medicare. Maybe she is smarter than I give her credit for??

What are your thoughts this Friday afternoon? Hate the hype of the draft or the Royal “pain” Wedding?

Catching a plane….

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    in my opinion, it is way too early to tell. He has a lot of developing to do. I do not want to wish him ill. I am hopeful that he gets the coaching that he needs and has the work ethic necessary to make it in the NFL. There are very few Peyton Manning’s that are sure things. There are tons of Quincy Carter’s who have raw talent but never put in the time and effort necessary to develop that talent.

    Thanks your comments

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