Fox Stoops to New Low

I saw this piece yesterday but I just now have a chance to talk about it. Fox News has done some really bad reporting over the years, pushing stories that simply weren’t true. Now, as a new low, they have used digital editing of photos to make two guys from the New York Times (reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe ) look uglier. How juvenile!!!

The good folks at Editor and Publisher interviewed the New York Times but were unable to get Fox or News Corp (Fox’s Parent organization) to comment.

2 Responses

  1. Fox News at it again. This was particularly egregious. I hope the Photoshop victims sue. Maybe that will be the only thing to get their attention.
    Remember when they attributed Democrat status to any Congressman charged with a crime, such as Mark Foley?
    Can a Fox watcher enlighten me as to why they are so popular? I don’t get it. Sure they have pretty women, and dumb men (college drop-out Hannity, for example) as anchors. Maybe it is just entertainment.
    Would be interesting to see their demographics – betcha they are older folks who don’t have access to a variety of news sources. Also, I would put money down on the fact that Fox News viewers are less educated than more balanced news sources??

    Another interesting tidbit: Fox seems to be news channel of choice in many doctors’ waiting rooms and many public waitings areas….such as when I had to get my tires rotated recently.

    Great Holidays, all

  2. J –

    Here’s what I have found. We really don’t want to be informed any more. We want our own opinions and bias’ re-enforced. This is why Fox is popular in spite of huge factual errors.

    Thanks for your comments.

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