Saints return home

Photo: APWay too much hype. I thought the game would never start. How do you choose U2 and Green Day to open a city steeped in musical history? Where was Wynton or Branford Marsalis or Harry Connick Jr. for that matter?

We may have been watching the unveiling of the new New Orleans Saints. Their defense was dominating. Their offense… didn’t make any fatal mistakes. The Atlanta Falcons were stifled throughout the whole game.

The interview with Spike Lee needs to be commented on by somebody more politically correct than me. Spike Lee — reserved? That was interesting.

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  1. I didn’t get to watch the Saints and Falcons battle it out. But you’re right, way too much hype surrounding this event. I heard rumors that the game was fixed. But I’m sure those are just rumors. I mean, who would want the Saints to lose??? By the way, NO is a dirty city.

  2. Yes, New Orleans is a dirty city. So is New York and San Francisco. New Orleans is unique. It has a rich history. It has possibly the best food in the world. The music wafting up from the French quarter is just fabulous.

    Thanks for your comment.

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