Brian Williams takes us back to NOLA

Brian Williams is back in New Orleans.  He is back at the famous convention center.  Sadly outside of the French Quarter nothing much has changed.  New Orleans and the gulf coast need an infusion of federal dollars.  They also need to clean up the Louisiana government.  The corruption and incest has to stop in order to get help to those who need it. So many things during this Bush administration has broken my heart.  Katrina and New Orleans are at the top of my list.

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  1. It’s unfair to suggest that a key problem is Louisiana or local government, when the vast majority of money appropriated so far has gone in over-priced, no-bid contracts (many performed poorly) to connected cronies of the GOP. Most of our relief money has, in effect, been stolen through open corruption at the federal level.

    I have serious problems with our local and state government, but I’ve been paying close attention that–outside of the inept performance of ICF in administering the Road Home Program–can think of a single instance of the sort of blatant corruption seen in federal contracting.

  2. This really isn’t on topic of this post. I just have a question. I think your blog is great, I especially like all the video you have. I noticed it is not YouTube, I only began blogging in January, and right now the only way I know to get video it through YouTube. The videos you have are much nicer and I was wondering if you could tell me how/where you get them? Is this something I could get access to as well?

    Thanks for your help.

    Catherine Morgan

  3. Mark –

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’m sure that I suggested that the problem in New Orleans the local government. If that is the way my post read then I’m mistaken. What I’m trying to say is that local and state government were not helpful. The federal response for the 2 years has been abysmal. If the state and local politics could have been better than federal response could have been helped somewhat.

    Corruption and incompetence are a terrible combination. I believe that this lethal combination exists in New Orleans.

    Hell, it seems to me that all of the trash should have been cleaned up by now.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. I have to agree with the situation of the politics in Louisiana. There is corruption and severe incompetence. It was rampant in the70’s and 80’s when I lived there. And if you ask people who live there they will tell you it exists.It is just part of government One of the former govenors. Edwards even said he was a crook when he was running for office. The opinion then was well at least he admits it. So they voted him in. way to many times. When Katrina hit it wasn’t the strength of the winds it was the lack of sturdy levees. The money had been funneled off. So when Katrina struck I just knew the crooked people were heading for a whirlwind of money. Which FEMA helped to give away. I can’t understand why the people have not been given the help to at least haul off the garbage and have not torn down the condemed buildings it just gives the gangs a place to set up. Habitat for Humanity is doing great work with some of the church groups to help the people out. It is helping to build more friendships among the people who are going back. That is the good part of the story.

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