Atlanta Gridlock

So did you see what is going on in Atlanta? What the hell? This is all about good weather forecasting and good governing. More Later. The following are a few of the stories that I have taken from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Governor and Mayor apologize.
The state’s top leaders on Wednesday apologized for mistakes that brought metro Atlanta to a standstill in the aftermath of an icy storm, but defended their reactions as a necessary response to unpredictable weather.

Gov. Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed are the target of considerable fury from residents stranded on roadways as minutes-long commutes turned into nasty all-evening affairs. In the face of that backlash, both politicians lamented the near-simultaneous release of school children, office workers and government employees.

Baby Born on I-285
While snow and ice brought commuters to a halt Tuesday, one baby girl decided she just couldn’t wait.

Amy and Nick Anderson were on the way to the hospital, but couldn’t make it fast enough due to treacherous road conditions, according to the Sandy Springs Police Department.

Atlanta Weather – Abandon Cars
Did you abandon your car on an icy road or interstate? Today is not the day to go retrieve it, according to police.

And, depending on where you left your vehicle Tuesday, it may be in a different spot when you go get it. State and local law enforcement officials said Wednesday they are having to move some vehicles over to make room for crews de-icing roadways. In some cases, vehicles are being towed.

“If people can wait, our suggestion would be to wait before getting vehicles,” Sgt. Greg Lyon with Atlanta police said. “We’re not trying to impound vehicles, but there are situations where we’ve had to move vehicles.”

2 days of Gridlock
Gridlock on the interstates Wednesday continued to frustrate drivers still trying to get home on a commute that started Tuesday.

Winds started evaporating some of the ice along metro Atlanta interstates and arterials, but only marginally, and road conditions remained treacherous. Black ice was a concern overnight.

Meanwhile, police confirm that a Henry County teenager died in a Tuesday afternoon wreck on an icy road near McDonough.

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