Much has been written about Oscar Peterson. He died on Sunday at age 82. He was one of the jazz greats that didn’t kill himself with alcohol or other drugs. He lived a good long life. He was very productive. Some years he produced 4 or 5 albums. He played with everybody. His style strikes me as the anti-Miles. Miles Davis tried to eliminate notes. At the same time, he wasn’t John Coltrane either with his notes-on-notes. Oscar Peterson had plenty of notes but they cascaded and flowed.

More clips and commentary here.  Of course, C&L have a little something to say.

From WaPo:

Oscar Peterson at the piano? Oscar Peterson was the piano.

His touch could be light and feathery, as ethereal as a memory. It could operate with blinding speed, releasing liquid lines that felt like a river bursting a dam. Or it could release rumbling cascades of notes, pounding out a stratagem of confidence and assurance. (more…) NYT article here.