Ike Turner dies

Ike Turner had it all. He was big with hits in the 50’s. He really hit it big when joined up with Tina Turner (her really name was Anna Mae Bullock). The hits just kept on rolling. Unfortunately, the HITS did keep on coming. Ike Turner will be known as one of the most controlling wife beaters in show business. That’s his legacy. Sad but true.


From RS:

Music legend Ike Turner, best remembered for his successful musical partnership and stormy marriage to singer Tina Turner, has died at home in California, his manager said Wednesday. He was 76.

Turner, often credited by music historians with writing the first Rock and Roll record, 1951’s “Rocket 88,” died at his home in San Marcos, manager Scott Hanover confirmed to AFP.

“He passed away this morning,” Hanover, of Thrill Entertainment Group, said from his office in Florida. (more…)

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