Beverly Sills dies

Beverly SillsI liked Ms. Sills.


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Beverly Sills, the American coloratura soprano whose glittering vocalism, warmly projected personality and infectious laugh captivated opera lovers for the last 40 years, has died. She was 78.

The cause was inoperable lung cancer, said her manager Edgar Vincent. He said she died at her home shortly before 9 p.m. New York time.

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  1. I worked with Ms Sills at the Opera Co. of boston. She was an absolute delight! Pleasant, smiling, laughing, calm. She could be casually talking to you in the wings, then just step onto the stage on cue, and burst into song.

    I loved her..her coloratura soprano voice was superb.

  2. I had forgot that Ms. Sills was a good friend of Carol Burnett. They had performed together. I heard an interview with Carol on NPR yesterday. Man that was nice.

    Thanks, Helen for your thoughts.

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