Best Dance Tunes of 1986

I haven’t posting anything on the immigration issue cuz nothing has really changed. Yep, the president has done what he usually does – he has made a thoughtful, careful move that stirs the pot but really doesn’t fix anything. His move will help some economic refugees, but there are still around 35 million who are left out in the cold. I find the whole issue depressing, so I’m going to talk about music.

So Rhapsody has come out with the best dance tunes of 1986. There was some great music in 1986. This list of 50 tunes does contain some great tunes. It also contains some really, really forgettable tunes. I will post only my three favorites.

Artist: Prince
Tune: Kiss

Artist: Cameo
Tune: Word Up

Artist: Madonna
Tune: Open Your Heart


Artist: Nu Shooz
Tune: I Can’t Wait

The original tune as it was mixed was a nice dancible tune. The club mix was absolutely awful. Below is the radio mix, the good version.

Unclear why the following tunes were not included. For some reason, Stevie Wonder’s tune “Go Home” doesn’t get any recognition. I really liked it.

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Tune: Go Home

I have no idea how many albums Bananarma put out. I do know that they had two huge hits. “Venus” was one of them.

Artist: Bananarama
Tune: Venus

Janet Jackson had her breakout album in 1986. How the dude at Rhapsody missed this tune is beyond me. “Control” is more than a dance tune. “Control” is a muscular funk anthem. Very few women grooved to this hit. Tina Tuner comes to mind. The fact that she hooked up with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was pure magic.

Artist: Janet Jackson
Tune: Control

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