Dark Knight Blew Up Box Office (Update)

The latest in the Batman series, The Dark Knight, has hauled in $66.4 million in its first day. In the last Batman picture, Christian Bale created a Batman that was more like the later comic strip character. Batman is more melancholy and that’s not necessarily bad. Both Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton (in the 2nd Batman) were somewhat dark, but Bale takes this a step further.

I haven’t seen it yet but I’m looking forward to Batman: The Dark Knight.

Update: This isn’t your mother’s Batman. This is upfront, in-your-face violence. It’s Godfather-style violence. The Joker is wonderful but so is everyone else in the movie. I highly recommend Batman with the warning that this is an adult movie.

The adultness is not derived from a sex or language in the movie. In fact, there is no sex and I can remember any offensive language. But it is very violent. For example, toward the beginning of this movie. the Joker is showing this group of bad guys a trick. He jams a pencil in a table so the pencil stands straight up. One of the henchman in the room steps up to Joker to confront him, the Joker slams the guy’s head into the table and the guy falls on the floor, dead. The camera pans back to the table and the pencil is gone (into the guy’s head).

Although I liked Batman: The Dark Knight, I thought it was too violent. It was almost like one of those Alien-Predator movies where people and aliens die by the hundreds just cuz. I would hope that the next Batman would continue to be brooding, dark, thoughtful but less-violent.

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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