Kaleb doing what Kaleb does 2

I’m really struggling to post on my blog. I just don’t have any time. My grandson is here. I’m working. 🙁

Tiger Woods is in the mix at Congressional. Adam Scott has made a huge move up the leader board.

If ObamaCare was patterned after RomneyCare and ObamaCare is called a tax then would that make RomneyCare a tax?

Paul Ryan doesn’t understand that healthcare should be a right. Yes, it is true. That right come from God, but if it ain’t written in law we won’t get that right here on Earth in the good ole USA.

Oops. Never dare geeks!! Some tech wizards showed how easy it is to hack one of our drones.

Charles Rangel looks like he might be in trouble with the vote count.

Many Americans are still out of power after the storms from Friday night. This is something that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why we don’t have a power grid that is up and running all of the time. When lines get knocked down why isn’t power re-routed? Why is our power grid so fragile that wind and snow knocks it out? After the huge power outage of 2003, why … what happened with all of the finger pointing and talk of fixing the grid? Please don’t tell me we are waiting for some market-based solution?!

The Transportation Bill finally passed the House. The Senate passed it months ago. This bill also kept the interest rates for student loans from doubling.

Oh, I forgot to mention that some guy, Rhein Gibson, shot a world record 55 at a golf course in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. Insane!!!