Clean Coal

One catch phrase during the long election season was, of course, Clean Coal. Currently, when coal is burned to create energy, the coal gives off CO2 and sulfur. CO2 is a greenhouse gas…and sulfur isn’t good for the atmosphere either. So the question remains…how do we capture these compounds while still safeguarding the air that we breathe? A German company has a design, but it’s very expensive. My problem with this German model is the CO2. Their answer lies in buriying the danger really, really deep in the earth. Really? That’s the answer?. This seems like an answer from the mind of a cartoon character.

What is clean coal technology?
‘Clean’ Coal? Don’t Try to Shovel That.
What the Heck Is “Clean Coal”? It depends whom you ask.

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  1. Hey Doc!

    I’ll bet you missed me! Sorry I’ve been away… lotsa changes. House bought, MBA starting (giving law school a break) sister giving birth, hell, I even lost my job last week.

    Don’t worry about me, though. Its difficult to keep me down for long.

    At any rate, I have more time now to discuss political/social issues from the other side of the fence.

    In response to the “clean coal” debate you wish to have, I have a question:

    What’s wrong with nuclear energy?

  2. Utah is the second driest state in america and they are trying to force a nuclear power plant in the southern part of the state. The problem we have is the fact that it would take the water 100,000 households would use per year. That is mandatory useage and it is not recoverable water.Where are they going to get the water when we have a severe drought. It takes drinking water in this case to make this work.
    What is interesting is they just built the first modular geothermal plant in Beaver County Utah,. It is non polluting and recycles the hot water. It took 6 months to build. The wind farms take a few years to build and connect to the grid.They are planning on building many more.The NP plant would take at least 10 years to build and can not be built without huge government assistance. We are already fighting to keep out other country nuclear waste and are losing that battle. Just because we have desert space doesn’t mean it can be dumped on.

    What is interesting is the fact that all the energy produced will be sold to California. In Utah the legislature will not allow this form of energy to be sold to the consumers. We have an option to help build windfarms by paying extra on our light bill. We will not reap these rewards in this state but it will help get us off coal. There are 85,000 households in this state that donate for something we can’t use.

    People want something that is clean and won’t leave waste that will radioactive for millions of years. It is possible. Geothermal, solar, wind. tide power.

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