Romney and the Republicans love to tell us that the government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers. This is hogwash. Romney has been hammering the Solyndra thing. Of course, he doesn’t want us to know that while he was at Bain Capital 22% of businesses that he invested in went belly up.

Romney also saidBut don’t forget, you put $90 billion, like 50 years’ worth of breaks, into — into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1. I mean, I had a friend who said you don’t just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers, all right?

This is not true. The Obama administration did not spend $90 billion on energy projects. I wish that they had. We need to spend more money on energy… but I’m getting off the subject. We spent $21 billion. Now, anyone with access to an internet search engine could look up this number. It is easily available. So why did Romney tell millions of Americans (both via his web site and in the debates) that the Obama administration spent $90 billion? Republicans will believe it. They have been taught that the government simply wastes, burns and flushes our money. So, any big number will be believed by Republicans.