Late Thursday Night News Roundup

Late Thursday Night News Roundup

Fungus in the brain. Yuck. This is what government is all about. It is protecting us from business. I’m not saying that the New England Compounding Center did anything wrong. What I’m saying is that if the government does its job stuff like this rarely happens. (For those who are somehow unaware, a steroid injection meant to be injected into the spinal canal has been contaminated with a fungus. I have never heard of anything like this. 20 patients have died. Over 250 patients have become sick. I have never even heard of this fungus – Exserohilum. Never.)

I just finished watching the 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks. This is simply good football.

I found this stat on Pro football focusHe (Romo) completed 79.3% of his passes on plays where there was no pressure for a QB rating of 120.3, but he completed just two of seven passes (28.6%) under pressure for a QB rating of 16.1, thanks largely to the pick he threw.

President Clinton had a few things to say about that Mitt Romney

The one phrase that will live with Mitt Romney not just for the next several days and the next several months will be – binders full of women. Remember, Mitt Romney was answering a question about the disparities between men and women in the workplace – “So we took a concerted effort to go out and find women that had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of womens’ groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ And they brought us binders full of women.” Just think about what was going through Mitt Romney’s mind. First of all, you know he does not to mention his time as governor of Massachusetts. Governor of Massachusetts equals Romneycare. He doesn’t want to bring that up. So he’s already on a subject that he doesn’t want to talk about. Let’s just set aside the “women in binders” phrase. Mitt Romney is selling himself as a businessman. Not just a good businessman, but a great businessman. Why doesn’t he know any qualified women? Are there no business women? Did he go to Harvard business school? Were there women in his Harvard business school class? He couldn’t find any of those women who would work with him? Now, we find out that his story basically isn’t true. He didn’t go out and try to find women to place in his Massachusetts cabinet. As it turns out, a bipartisan group called Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus contacted both candidates and asked them to try to form cabinets that were representative of the state. Basically, they wanted more women in state government. This is not an initiative that Mitt Romney started. Instead, it was an initiative that was started outside of the Romney camp. Yet, he wants to take credit for it. Once again, Mitt Romney lied. He did not make a concerted effort to go out and find women. Instead, a woman’s group got together a list of qualified women for both him and his opponent. Whenever Mitt Romney is pressured, whenever he doesn’t have a pat answer right at hand, his reflex seems to be to make something up, to lie.

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  1. Why couldn’t Obama just state that the first thing he signed was the Lilly Ledbetter law… Which did alot for women to make sure they were getting paid the same…Something Romney thinks the free market should set pay amounts.

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