Where to go from here?

The MSM is now returning to the theme that Hillary Clinton needs to find an exit strategy. My question is why? The math in this race for the Democratic nomination has not really changed in over 8 weeks. Hillary Clinton needed to have large victories since Texas and Ohio. (Do you even remember them?) While 1 out of 2 isn’t bad in Las Vegas, it is bad in this election. Senator Clinton needed 65-35 victories in both states and from then on. She has gotten neither.

On the money side of the equation, I found it odd that Senator Clinton was asking from a donation in the middle of her speech last night. I think that’s telling. Ms. Clinton had to loan her campaign another $6.5 million. $6.5 million!! That’s a lot of change. We were hearing about all of this money that she raised after winning Pennsylvania. Money was pouring in. Then again, we heard the same thing after she won in Ohio. Millions were rolling in but yet, she still needed to loan her campaign money. I think that there was an initial surge of money but it quickly tapered off in both instances.

I’m not sure how Hillary Clinton bows out of this race. I’m not sure when it will happen. I know that Barack Obama needs to continue to reach out and continue to give a message of hope. If he stumbles, that will continue to give Hillary Clinton life.

BTW, what are the Super Delegates waiting for? Seriously.

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  1. In my opinion I have two answers for you. I’m an black, registered independent who supports Hillary. While I side with the majority that the math is too tough at this point to secure the nomination I feel that her only true exit strategy is to continue until he actually “wins” the nomination. Don’t forget he hasn’t won it yet or given much evidence that he could finish her off.

    Women have been waiting for this day forever, rightfully so. I assume it’s difficult enough to survive in our male dominated world much less be in a position to contribute as the most powerful individual in the world. I feel she’s not running for herself at this point (completely), I think this is a statement that women have to have made for the betterment of their gender. We all know it’s a tough sell at this point but she represents something much greater than “this Clinton trying to be president”, she represents a progression of the women’s movement that a century of women need the statement made by. As a woman, I don’t feel as though she has the choice. If she quits in any capacity, WOMEN QUIT and again prove that they’re at equal standing.

    Secondly, let’s be honest super delegates at this point COULD MAKE HIM THE NOMINEE. There’s a reason why it hasn’t happened yet and that’s because he’s miscalculated the two things that make him vulnerable as a general election candidate, blue collar America (which he botched completely with the bitter statement) and conservative-independents who’s cornerstone is religion. I feel he’s alienated himself from the two constituencies that would have put him in landslide status in the fall. Now it may be close and we don’t know what else there is to surface.

    NOBODY’S ADMITTING THIS (AND I THINK IT SHOULD BE SPOKEN TO IN A POST), but IF ONE SINGLE TAPE OF HIM IN TRINITY BAPTIST SURFACES, HE’S DONE! Anyone with any ounce of sense knows that but won’t admit it. I think the Republicans have it and is waiting until he’s the nominee to bury him. If that’s true…ITS OVER.

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  2. Hi there! {waves}

    i have been doing a few “drive bys” in the blogosphere and thought I’d stop by your house!

    May I just end the misery for those who are Hillary supporters and tell them that THE RIDE IS OVER!

    It is over for Billary – she and Bill need help packing up their things and leaving Washington. The nightmare on Elm Street couple can go back to Arkansas now.

    Thanks for the memories, Bill and Hill!

    I just had to take a moment to blow my trumpet!

    You are invited to visit:
    *This week we are discussing black masculinity.

  3. Lisa –

    Thanks for the driveby. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Bill or Hillary are going away anytime soon.

    Thanks for your comments.

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