There was plenty of stupid and idiotic conversation this week. Can Obama win a primary verses a caucus? Does that make any sense? Obama needs to win South Carolina to truly be a legitimate candidate. I just wanted to reach through the TV screen and slap the commentator. Obama has raised over $80 million. When you raise this kind of money you are a legitimate candidate. Period. It proves that you have support. Furthermore, that kind of money doesn’t come exclusively from Black voters in this country. Therefore, Obama has support from both the Black and the White communities (remember Iowa).

Well, all of this stupidness should fade away. The second bit of group mentality is “Will John Edwards pull out of the race.” John Edwards has been running for President for the past 6 years. He believes in his message. He has raised over $30 million. He has $12 million on hand. Why would he pull out? He knew 6 months ago if he didn’t win in Iowa or New Hampshire that it would be a long hard slog.  Clinton (Bill and Hillary) and Obama seem intent on beating each other up. Both Hillary and Barack took hits in the polls from the catfighting. The only ones to benefit from the fighting were John Edwards and the Republicans. He just needs another big mistake from one of the frontrunners to be in position to win a primary and change the landscape. Barack had his mistake when he was talking about Reagan and ideas. I’m sure that Hillary will have hers. BTW, have you really listened to John Edward’s message? He is really pushing liberal ideals. I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

Obama has won in South Carolina. I’m thinking that story is not that he won but that he smoked Hillary Clinton. As of right now, Obama has 55% of the vote, Clinton 26% and Edwards 18% with 96% of the precincts reporting. Now, that’s the story.


From WaPo:

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary in a landslide Saturday, attracting a biracial coalition and giving his candidacy a much-needed boost as the Democratic presidential race moves toward a 22-state showdown on Feb. 5.

Obama trounced New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the first southern primary of the 2008 campaign, with former North Carolina senator John Edwards finishing third. After a bitter and racially charged campaign in which former president Bill Clinton became the center of controversy, Obama won with overwhelming support from African Americans, but also attracted roughly a quarter of the white vote, according to exit polling. (more…)