Clinton Campaign Drowning in Debt

Looking at my checkbook, this post could be about me, but it isn’t. It is about a woman who is seeking the highest office in the land but can’t balance her checkbook. How do you rack up $20 million in debt and ask the American people to vote for you as president? Maybe I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the finances of a campaign be more simple to manage than the U.S. budget?

There have been some talk about Senator Hillary Clinton negotiating about getting out of the Democratic race. Part of these talks would include Senator Barack Obama agreeing to assume her debt. Doesn’t that hamstring Obama? I know that he is plush with money, but $20 million is a lot of money. I have no idea if the Obama campaign is seriously considering this proposal or not.


From Washington Post:

With her campaign falling ever deeper into debt, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton spent a rainy Mother’s Day seeking votes ahead of Tuesday’s primary here, turning a deaf ear to calls for her to leave a Democratic presidential contest she has little hope of winning.

Clinton aides continued to insist that she will remain in the race even while confirming that she is $20 million in debt. “The voters are going to decide this,” senior adviser Howard Wolfson said on “Fox News Sunday,” acknowledging the $20 million figure. “There is no reason for her not to continue this process.” Wolfson said he has seen “no evidence of her interest” in pursuing the second-place spot on the Democratic ticket, contrary to rumors that she is staying in the race to leverage a bid for the vice presidential nomination. (more…)

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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