I’m done with the “I said,” “I never said,”and “she said.” Hillary has taken a page right out of the Karl Rove playbook. She has twisted Obama’s words. Barack Obama never said that he loved the Republicans. He never said that. (look at this post for the video and listen to what he really said) Instead, he said that Reagan was an agent of change. This is true. I hate the analogy but it is true. I would have used Ghandi or Teddy Roosevelt as agents of change. Unfortunately, those references would have sent some to the internet and would have left other scratching their heads.

What Hillary has done is not politics. It is down right nasty and dishonest. She starts attacking Obama because he hasn’t spelled out exactly how he is going to pay for his foreign aid programs. Okay. But what about her health care program? Hillary Clinton has had 10 years to formulate a health care program. Where are her numbers? How would someone like me get paid? Physician reimbursement has dropped across the board for years. Hell, Cardiac Surgeons used to be able to make over $2 million per year. Now, if they are lucky they might be able to make a quarter of that. Nurses need a salary increase. Where is that in her progressive plan? Hospitals desperately need more social workers. Where is that in her plan?

I simply reject the politics of personal destruction. I reject the politics of Democrats eating their own. This is so disappointing. I’m pissed.

TCR has some thoughts.

(BTW, I’m at another trauma conference so I’m done blogging for tonight. I’ll take some Pepto and watch the rest of the “debate” and post some video tomorrow.)

Update: Video added.

As I was driving back home today, I had a chance to hear Lynn Samuels and earlier I heard Alex Bennett. From listening to these 2 left wing talk show hosts, I learned that Barack Obama is an asshole and it full of himself. Again, these are not right wing talking heads but “thoughtful” progressives.

Alex Bennett tried to spin the argument that because Obama spoke on Martin Luther King day that he was using the holiday for personal gain which “proved” that he was an egotistical, ass. I wish I had time to call his show this morning because I would have asked what would have happened if Barack Obama didn’t speak on MLK day. What kind of noise would he have heard from liberals and Blacks? Was he too good for Martin Luther King? Barack was in an impossible situation. If you can’t see that and it appears that Alex Bennett couldn’t, then Bennett isn’t worthy of the national stage, IMHO.

Lynn Samuels basically stated that she is supporting Hillary Clinton because Hillary was a woman. What? If that is her position that’s fine but at least try to foster some support for the other Democratic candidates. Nope. She didn’t. If she is just going to be a gossip queen who is going to talk about fashion and not examine the issues then she belongs with Sally Jessie and Montel.