Clinton on Bosnia

I’m kind of surprised that George Stephanopoulos was allowed to moderate this debate. He clearly someone  has strong feelings about the Clintons, especially since he was former President Bill Clinton’s political adviser prior to the  1992 election. At the time, he was Clinton’s first Communications Director. In spite of this, he was at the debate.

Stephanopoulos played a video of a Pennsylvania citizen who asked Senator Hillary Clinton why she said those things about Bosnia. He then informed Senator Clinton that she lost his vote. This is important. I haven’t heard anyone– outside of bloggers– state that Senator Clinton crossed the line. Her answer was incomplete in my book. She basically said that she was sorry. Sorry? If you lie you need to own up to it.

Of course, owning up to a lie in a presidential race would be political suicide.

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  1. Clinton’s execrable behavior during the debate resulted in Michael Moore endorsing Obama. Moore expressed many of the same frustrations so many liberals and progressives have had with Clinton.

    Stephanopoulos definitely should not have been a moderator for the debate. This shows how ABC wanted to push Clinton, the conservative candidate, over Obama, the centrist candidate.

  2. L –

    thanks for your comments.

    Look Clinton is a progressive candidate but she has been trying to walk this line. She is trying to keep liberals on her side while appealing to independents and some republicans. She is trying to keep strong foreign policy stance. A Hawk if you will. It doesn’t work. tonight on countdown she talked about a nuclear attack on Iran. What the hell?

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