A weekend with the opposition

This might also be a bit ambitious for an initial foray, but I’m faced with an upcoming six days that are sure to be equal parts frustrating, enlightening, mystifying and educational.

My wife and I grew up in Nebraska and have landed in Arizona, where we’ve lived for ten of the last 16 years. We both fall squarely into the liberal democrat camp, making us minorities in either state. My wife’s parents have arrived to spend the next six days with us and our kids. My father-in-law is a Republican, most of the time, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why he would be. I think he’s more of a “social values” Republican, of the church-going variety. He sure shouldn’t be, based on financial issues, and he also spent quite a chunk of his life in a union. He knows I’m one of them durned liberals, and we’ll dance around the topics from time to time when we are together, until we just agree to disagree.

With the election coming up so soon, I think the topics will be sure to come up more frequently, and for this weekend, I’m going to try to engage the discussions, rather than avoid them. I have no idea how many days it can go on, or if my wife will issue a cease-and-desist order before it’s over, but we’ll see how it goes.

This afternoon we chatted about Scott Kleeb’s chances in western Nebraska’s third congressional district race and about criminal prosecutions of Enron executives. The likelihood of a nationwide “Throw all the bums out” sentiment on election day and the issue of term limits in the U.S. Senate and House also came up. I’m still not sure how the recent Republican meltdowns and scandals may have affected his thinking, but I feel like he is representative of the type of Republican who would turn against the party based on their recent activities.

Or maybe I’m naively and hopelessly optimistic. I’ve been accused of that before. I may be, but I just don’t see much mileage in the alternative.

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  1. Nice post.

    It is unclear how to handle those family “issues”. I would agree that if politics is brought up I would confront the topic. I would try to bring data. Like the economy is slowing down. There is far less hiring than the Bush administration thought or was hoping for. The average American’s salary has been stagnant for the last 6 years. The rich have made tons more money thus increasing the gap between rich and poor. Average hours wages has actually fallen in the last 10 months while the Bush Adminstration has stated that the economy is not just good but GREAT. The number is uninsured as increased to 46.6 million. It has increased every year during the Bush administration.

    There are tons more. The data is out there. No need to get mad or angry. Just hit him with data!

  2. Ah yes this all seems so familiar…
    Seems to me that the middle class is slowly being pushed out. Either you have the money or you don’t. Seems like a disproportionate number of people are working hard just to barely make it by, so while there might be “more jobs” and low unemployment, I’m sorry, but 8 dollars an hour is not enouth to “make a living.” No matter where you live. Speaking of being uninsured, more jobs are slowly getting rid of health insurance because it s just too expensive, not only that but the jobs that still do provide it charge such high rates themselves that employees have to drop their insurance in order to make the paycheck stretch a little farther. I hear this being echoed over and over and over again the more people I talk to. What a GREAT economy….if you can afford it. Maybe GW should talk to people other than the people that he does buisness with. that just happen to me millionaires. and give kickbacks. and own a lot of stock in companies that he also owns stock in… Maybe he should find out the real facts. Maybe he should actually be in touch with the people of this country. gee…imagine that. Vote wisely people.

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