I have heard just whiffs of this story. Thom Hartman had talked about the story a couple of months ago. I had seen a little something the Huffington Post.

Tonight, 60 minutes took up this case. They really didn’t deal with the election but instead they focused on the prosecution of Don Siegelman. But Siegelman’s story really starts before he gets jailed. It starts with Siegelman’s re-election. Julie Sigwart of Take Back the Media gets an exclusive interview with Siegelman before all hell breaks loose. Currently, Siegelman is not allowed to talk speak with the press which is why 60 minutes couldn’t interview him. This is the order of the court.

Update: Read more about Siegelman’s case on No Comment. It has also been reported that parts of tonight’s 60 minutes broadcast were blacked out in Alabama. (BTW, I’m just wondering if Cindy McCain is still very proud of living in America now? I’m just askin’ because there are times when this country, my country depresses me, like now.)