Wednesday Morning News Roundup

By now, everybody knows about the earthquake which occurred in Virginia yesterday. I felt it here in Asheville, North Carolina. The news coverage from the mainstream media was over the top to say the least. There appears to been some damage to the National Cathedral. There appears to be only minor damage to the Washington Monument.

The North Anna nuclear power plant, which is located on an earthquake fault line, shut down yesterday as a precautionary measure. At least, that’s what we were told yesterday. Today, we find out that its off-site power supply had been lost. It was basically using diesel generators in order to cool the units. I’m not sure about the wisdom of building a nuclear power plant on a fault line. Also, we found out that this power plant, which is indeed located on a fault line, removed all of its seismic detection equipment because of budget cuts. Finally, the North Anna plant was built to withstand an earthquake of approximately 5.9 in intensity.

Hurricane Irene is now a category three hurricane. Currently, projections have it possibly hitting the South Carolina/North Carolina coast early Saturday morning. It is projected to be a strong category three if and when it hits the coast.

Al Sharpton is getting his own show on MSNBC.

Jamie Leigh Jones, the former KBR employee who stated she’d been drugged and raped in Iraq, is now being sued by the company to recoup their attorneys fees for over $2 million.

I find it kind of funny that Rick Perry’s campaign continues to disavow his book that he only published nine months ago. The communications director actually had the nerve to tell the Wall Street Journal that the book did not reflect the governor’s current views. Although I doubt that Governor Perry actually wrote the book, I do believe that there was a team of consultants who sat down with Rick Perry and went through the book line by line before it was published. The book reflects exactly what he thinks would get him elected. That’s why he wrote it.

Libya is still in turmoil. The party seems to be nonstop in Tripoli. The elusive Colonel appears to be in hiding.

Worst Persons in the World:

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