Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Is it okay to joke about waterboarding if you’re US Senator? What if you are Senator John McCain, a man who has actually been tortured? Damn curious.

General John Allen has been cleared of wrongdoing in the Petraeus investigation. The Kelleys whine about the media scrutiny.

The Syrian problem continues to worsen.

Beyoncé lip-synched her fantastic performance at the inauguration. I’m not sure why anybody is surprised.

Ted Nugent continues to spew more and more extreme rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton is testifying on Capitol Hill.

One of the ways that Republicans have figured out how to keep their majorities is through the magic of gerrymandering/redistricting. Virginia Republicans have taken this to a new level. They decided, when one Democratic senator was away at the inauguration, to go ahead and ram through a redistricting plan that basically leaves that State Senator without a seat.

Homeschooled teen killed family with assault rifle. Four-year-old girl shot with pistol by another child. 1151 Americans have died secondary to gun violence in the United States since Sandy Hook. This does not include suicides.

an electric Cadillac?

Cadillac ELR  was presented at the Detroit auto show last week. It should be out in 2014. Personally, I still love the Tesla.

2 Responses

  1. No one exposes conservative hypocrisy better than Jon Stewart.  Sadly, they put their hands over their eyes and ears, but not their mouths.

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