Wednesday Morning News Roundup

The number of cases of the flu seems to be tailing off.

(A friend of mine called me today because he thought he was getting the flu. Anytime you call a trauma surgeon to discuss the flu, you’re desperate.)

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is calling President Obama a hypocrite because his children go to a school that has armed guards. Of course, his children go to an exclusive school in which there are many high profile children. Somehow, the National Rifle Association thinks that a high profile child who is a kidnapping target is exactly the same as the average American child.

Former staffers are dishing up pieces of embarrassing tidbits regarding Michele Bachmann. It might have something to do with their not getting paid. I thought Republicans were great at managing money?

New stricter gun laws are passed in New York.

Predicting human behavior is difficult. After every mass shooting, there is a large amount of soul searching. The press always seems to look for “clues” that would’ve tipped us off to a madman’s behavior. What we’ve found out, time after time is that the clues can be subtle and confusing.

David Shuster interviews one of the survivors of the Virginia Tech shooting.

I’d never heard of Aaron Swartz before he committed suicide. He was a remarkable young man. His suicide is very, very sad.

How to win the gun debate.

Really cool picture taken by a friend of mine and local photographer