Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Deadly typhoon in the Philippines. Remember, all of these weather-related events just sort of happened. These cannot possibly be related to atmospheric changes secondary to man’s burning tons and tons of fossil fuels.

I’m intrigued by Ashley Judd. No, not for that reason. There have been rumors that actress Ashley Judd could run for Senate in Kentucky. She would be running against perpetual curmudgeon and GOP champion Mitch McConnell. Imagine knocking off Mitch McConnell. In Kentucky. That would be a huge progressive victory.

In study after study, Republicans have proven to be misinformed. The latest study shows that 49% of Republicans believe that ACORN was responsible for Barack Obama’s election last month. This group, which no longer exists, somehow magically stole the election for the president. The power of Fox News to mesmerize and lie to its listeners continues to be overwhelming.

From Steve

Egypt: “Egyptian riot police fired tear gas Tuesday night at tens of thousands of demonstrators who were converging on the presidential palace here in Cairo to protest the country’s new draft constitution, which was rushed to completion last week by an assembly dominated by Islamists.”

* Iran claims to have captured an American drone, but U.S. officials are denying it, saying that all American drones are accounted for.

* What do Senate Republicans think of the one-sided House Republican debt-reduction plan? It’s hard to say; Senate GOP leaders apparently don’t want to talk about it. President Obama, meanwhile, has no qualms about criticizing the proposal.

* It’s not official yet, but multiple reports suggest Sen.-Elect Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will get a seat on the Senate Banking Committee in the new year.

* The measure will need some Republican signatories to advance: “House Democrats on Tuesday filed a discharge petition that would force the House to vote on the Senate’s bill to extend the Bush-era tax levels for the middle class, but allow rates to rise for the wealthy.”