9th US attorney found

10 months before the 8 US attorneys were fired, there was a US Attorney in Kansas City who was handed his walking papers. Performance. Well, may not performance. Sound familiar?!?!?

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo has been way out in front on this story. He followed it from the Randy Cunningham story (remember the disgraced representative Randy Cunningham? Well, Carol Lam was the prosecutor. When she was given her walking papers, Josh thought that something smelled funny.)


From TMP Muckraker:

Eleven months before seven US Attorneys were fired on December 7th, 2006, former Kansas City US Attorney Todd Graves received a call from an official at the Executive Office for the U.S. Attorney telling him he was fired. Graves announced his resignation less than two months later on March 10.

Justice Department officials would later tell Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) that Graves had been dismissed for “performance” issues, according to Wednesday article in the Kansas City Star. But that’s not what Graves was told at the time. According to a source with detailed knowledge of the conversation, Graves was told that his removal was not based on his performance as a prosecutor, but that it was simply time to let someone else have a chance at the job. (more…)

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