Because I’m in Springfield, Mo at the Abe Lincoln hotel (who knew there was such a hotel), I can not post video.  The connection is too slow.  So, here’s what I can do.

Jerry Falwell has died.  This should be a pensive moment for all thoughtful men and women.

For reasons that are unclear, there is a republican debate tonight.  Why?  What can you really learn that is worth anything in a cattle call like this?  Whether it is a Democratic or Republican debate, a 1 minute answer is worthless.  You hear each candidate about 5 minutes.  Horse Hockey!!  This is simply a photo-op.  We are choosing a leader of the free world not Miss America.  Romney has nice hair – who cares? 

Bush has chosen a new fall guy.  Rumsfeld was not good enough.  Bush was kinda partial to him.  So, he really can’t blame the active Generals because then he wouldn’t seem to be supporting the troops but if he could find someone else to be the fall guy – I mean War Czar then he would be in business.  In steps Lt. Gen. Lute.  He is the man.  He was operations director of the Joint Chiefs.  There is no way for him to win.  We don’t have the will or the resources to win in Iraq.  I mean we aren’t going to start a draft.  We aren’t going to put 400,000 troops in Iraq.  We are going to be behind the 8 – ball.  In Afghanistan, we do not have the troops.  We need more.  We need the troops that are in Iraq but that’s not going to happen.  So, Lt. Gen. Douglas E. Lute will be the little boy with his finger in the dike.  I wish him well.

Sports:  The Phoenix Suns played a great game to take Game 4 but lose 2 players to suspension which is going to kill their chances of winning the championship.  This is almost like handing the NBA trophy to the San Antonio Spurs.  This is just wrong.