I think it is very easy for a White Man to stand up tell us how equal everyone is and should be. America isn’t equal. Not even close. So, Rep. Tom Tancredo is WAY out of line on this one.  It is my opinion that he is just trying to get the Right Wing nut job vote locked up early.

Rolling Stone has named Rep. Tom Tancredo as one of the 10 worst Congressman.  That’s quite a feat.  You have to beat out over 500 people to be placed in this category. 



White House hopeful Tom Tancredo said Thursday the existence of the Congressional Black Caucus and other race-based groups of lawmakers amounts to segregation and should be abolished.

“It is utterly hypocritical for Congress to extol the virtues of a colorblind society while officially sanctioning caucuses that are based solely on race,” said the Colorado Republican, who is most widely known as a vocal critic of illegal immigration.

“If we are serious about achieving the goal of a colorblind society, Congress should lead by example and end these divisive, race-based caucuses,” said Tancredo, who is scheduled pitch his longshot presidential bid this weekend in New Hampshire.