Judge Roberts hearings

Did we learn anything from 3 days of political dancing? Why can’t nominees really answer questions?

From CNN.com:

Chief justice nominee John Roberts on Monday promised to approach the law with “a certain humility” and told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that he has “no agenda” on the bench.

His comments came on the first day of confirmation hearings for the vacant Supreme Court seat — the first such hearing for a chief justice in 19 years.

Democrats on the committee pledged tough questioning of the federal judge, while Republicans countered he had the right to refuse to provide specifics on hot-button issues. (more…)

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  1. So Roberts sails through the committee vote. I expect that he will sail thru the vote in the Senate. He isn’t the focus any more. Since he is a conversative he will be replacing a conservative as chief justice. The issue is who is going to replace O’Conner. That’s where the fight should be.

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