Saturday Morning News Roundup

Just a couple of things this morning –

CPAC in 100 seconds

The Obama administration did what politicians usually do, capitulate. Instead of standing up against the hypocrisy that conservatives were stirring up, the Obama administration decided to change their rules on birth control. The rules were already reasonable. There’s a difference between being a corporation in the United States and being an individual. It is individuals, not corporations, who are guaranteed by our Constitution to have religious freedom.

Greece continues to implode. They have to come up with some compromise or Greece will be plunged into financial collapse.

If Greece is imploding I really don’t know how to describe what’s going on in Syria. I don’t know why Russia and China are supporting the Syrian regime. It cannot be that financially important to them.

Back to the birth control issue – 98% of Catholic women have used birth control in their lifetime.

In one of the funniest stories that I’ve seen in a long time, somebody has come out with Romney Condoms. Check it out.

The U.S. Navy names a warship after Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. 🙂

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  1. Thought I’d let you know that Congressman Ben Quayle is censoring liberals from his public facebook page.  Even constituents.  But he does nothing to name calling conservatives, one who even threatened to shoot all liberals.  And these conservatives claim to love the Constitution.  What a farce.

  2. Ben Quayle??? Son of the clueless Vice President? Really? Who would vote for him? Why is he in office? I’m not surprised by his censorship. I thought in America, we believe in free speech and a free exchange of ideas?? I guess we can have a free exchange just not on his facebook page. What a jerk. 

  3. You offer an
    old yet novel argument of the forced insurance issues that seems to reflect a
    certain obsession in liberal minds.


    Would a
    special media tax be an assault on the first amendment? I guess, a special tax
    on the New York Times Corporation is not an attack on the first amendment since
    journalists aren’t corporations.


    Or, what if
    Homeland Security just decided they wanted to seize the computer files at the
    New York Times. Would that be legal in your regime since the New York Times is
    a corporation?


    churches are incorporated. Would you suggest that a church loses their first
    amendment rights because they are incorporated? If a government didn’t like a
    Sunday sermon and destroyed the church building, would it be any less of an
    attack on freedom because the church was incorporated?


    corporations can’t fart or belch. So what. And the government doesn’t treat corporations
    just like people. Corporations don’t get multiple votes or even one vote. We
    have a tradition of giving legal protection to corporations all the back to the
    first amendment. People have the right of assembly and to form groups. It’s
    absurd to suggest that those rights not be protected.

  4. ECT: “Back to the
    birth control issue – 98% of Catholic women have used birth control in their


    This is a
    non sequitur. Moral theology is not a popularity contest in Catholicism. None
    of these women are clamoring for birth control to be provided by the Church.


    Obama didn’t back down. The regulation is more or less the same. He is playing
    a shell game.

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