Rodney King dead at age 47

Rodney King is dead at age 47. I would like to tell you that Rodney King lived a full life, but I would be lying. I would like to tell you that Rodney King was a unique individual. He might have been, but I don’t know. Unfortunately, I think that Rodney King is a symbol of the hopelessness that many inner-city minorities feel. In spite of his “celebrity,” Rodney King really couldn’t turn that into anything that resembled a meaningful job or money. He was under-educated. He had problems with substance abuse. He was married twice and had three daughters. Rodney King will be forever associated with the LA Riots. I’m sorry, but I find his life to be very sad.

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  1. Clearly he suffered from trauma. Damn shame we’re still figuring out the development of the brain and mind-body and how trauma affect them.
    And his feeling of being so unique in the world, even among other addicts must have been such a burden. He said he tried going to AA meetings and would be bombarded with people who had opinions on both sides of the controversy over his police abuse.
    Yes, truly sad.

  2.  @Allison Peacock Thanks for your thoughts. I truly appreciate them. 
    Yes, he was a victim of trauma but also he was victim of a system that allows Black men to thrown away as useless. As a rule black men as not encouraged in school. They aren’t encouraged to excel. They are allowed to fall into the drug abuse, jail trap which is difficult to break out of. 
    Thanks again. 

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