Monday evening news roundup – these are the stories that I’m following…

There’s been a deadly shooting near the campus of Texas A&M. Three people are dead.

John McCain says that Paul Ryan is a bold choice… just like Sarah Palin. 🙂

Best of the Olympics slideshow.

Paul Ryan, a millionaire, will release only two years of his tax returns.

It is actually very easy to set up an offshore bank account. Now, all you need to do is have millions of dollars that you’d like to hide from the federal government.

I continue to be befuddled by what’s going on in Egypt. It appears that the president has ousted several generals. I wonder how well this will go over.

This report suggests that, in person, voter fraud is nearly nonexistent.

Google will cut over 5000 jobs in Motorola Mobility. I hate to see job cuts. Especially when the company is making money.

Bullying of medical students and residents by attending faculty must stop. There are ways to teach that don’t include belittling your students. We have to do better.

Representative Paul Ryan’s voting record is extreme to say the least.

Remember when Mitt Romney suggested that every presidential nominee should have at least three years of business experience? Paul Ryan doesn’t have three years of business experience. Therefore, he wouldn’t qualify if Romney’s amendment had passed.

So, how does someone who loses his jet ski in the Bay outside of JFK airport end up in the airport terminal? So much for our airport security.