As you know by now, Michelle Obama was on the View this week. She wore a Black and White dress that was perfect for the occasion. The dress can be found off the rack at your local store. Well, that isn’t completely true. It is off the rack but the dresses have been flying off the rack. Your local store is probably sold out.

Here’s what I like. As the Republicans are going to try to paint Barack and Michelle Obama as elitist while she is wearing a $148 dress. It is very hard to call any one elite when they are wearing off the rack closes. Sweet!


Donna Ricco has been a successful fashion designer for a long time — but it took Michelle Obama to make her famous.

On Wednesday, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a turn as co-host of TV talkfest “The View.” When the show’s audience saw her breezy, black-and-white, high-waisted print dress designed by Ricco, they had to have it. Virtually overnight, the dress all but sold out at the White House/Black Market boutiques that sell it for an affordable $148. (more…)