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Now, this is a teacher. This is a leader. She didn’t pass on Cho to anyone else. She identified the problem – Cho was too difficult to be in a regular class. We should all be lucky enough, blessed enough to have an instructor for just one class as gifted and dedicated as Lucinda Roy. (I was blessed to have several.) She is beating herself up for not doing more. She did all that she could. She cared. She tried to help in the only way that she could. That’s all that anyone can ask.

Finally, please notice how she doesn’t point fingers.  She could have easily said, “I told so and so to lock him up but he wouldn’t.”  What a great Professor.


A year and a half before before Cho Seung-Hui went on a deadly shooting spree on the campus of Virginia Tech, a professor was so concerned about his anger that she took him out of another teacher’s creative writing class and taught him one-on-one.

The former chairwoman of Virginia Tech’s English department, Lucinda Roy, said the anger Cho expressed was palpable if not explicit.

Cho, an English major, never wrote about guns or killing people, she said. But his writing was disturbing enough that she went to police and other university officials to seek help. (more..)

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  1. Completely agree. Professor Roy is a wonderful, classy, insightful, inspiring professor. I was blessed to have her for a honors poetry class in ’95, and recount that she was one of the most memorable and effective teachers I ever had. She’s heroic for all she did, tried to do, and responded once the event occured.

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