I may be wrong. I may be very biased but it doesn’t seem to me that Libby proved anything. The prosecution’s case was tight. No Cheney on the stand. He would have had to lie or admit to “declassifying” a CIA agent’s name for political gain. No Libby on the stand. He would have had to make the ridiculous argument that he had trouble remembering things. He was told about Valerie Plame by the Vice President then forgot it. He was told again by Tim Russert (who testified that he did not tell Libby anything about Valerie Plame because he didn’t know that information at the time). But, here’s the best part, he had so completely forgot what the Vice President of the United States told him that he thought that he had learned the information from Russert for the first time. Oh, and we are to belief that the Vice President of the US who hire a complete dolt as his chief of staff. Yep, that would be the tale that he would have to tell on the stand. No wonder he didn’t testify.