Lack of dental care blamed for child's death

This happens every day. I’m not sure how the media picked up on this story but this is an every occurrence in my field. Folks can’t afford their meds and they are readmitted to the hospital over and over again. People come in the hospital complaining of a cough that they have had for 6 weeks.

The problem is multi-factorial. Education. Better Access. Affordable. Fix those and then you are in business. No one that I know has a plan to really fix all of this.

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  1. Even at the company I work for we are provided with free medical insurance for ourselves and the company will pay 1/2 of dependants. But we do not have dental insurance. It costs almost as much as the medical. When choices have to be made for benefits they will make it for medical. But you are correct one of the reasons dental is so expensive is the fact people don’t go in for regular checkups. When they go in is when they have a toothache. By that time it could be an absess and people don’t realize how fast it can go to your brain. I have seen company executives go into the hospital for absessed teeth and severe health problems because of those teeth. If it doesn’t hurt they don’t think about it. Utah had a huge surpluses in tax money the last 2 years. The disabled were on the capital steps for weeks because the legislature wouldn’t fund dental care for the homeless and disabled. They finally extended it for 2 years but only for the severe cases. But the medical is paid. Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Deamonte will never get to go to High School, never hang out with friends on a hot summer night, probably never kissed a girl, or felt true love.

    I know it happens all the time, but this is just too much.

    As I said on my blog, in this post Welcome to the new Dark ages.

    What a world.

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