Just a couple of things (updated)

  • I have been playing some golf with a couple days that I have off. I’m waiting for my teacher, a Jedi, to show up and tell me to concentrate and that might help my golf ball stay in the fairway. 🙂
  • Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer took a branding iron with the letters VETO imprinted on to a stack of Republican legislation. These bills would have rolled back clean energy and capped award damages from auto crashes. Good for him.
  • New polls states that Americans reject Ryan’s plan for killing Medicare. We have to be careful. We completely lost the debate on Healthcare was we allowed the insurance companies to flood Americans with false information.
  • High wind and hail in the DFW area. Same storm system kills 6.
  • I’m not sure that we need MRI’s on the battlefield.
  • Conservative David Prosser wins the Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin by over 7,000 votes. Odd how votes just turned up. Human error?
  • Obama’s budget plan labelled as risky by Robert Reich. I agree.
  • Three large poker web sites are shut down by the Feds.
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (presidential hopeful) is having a difficult time with the facts. Hey, Tim, public sector jobs are down and private sector jobs are up. Just read. It’s really not that hard to get this right.
  • The House passes the GOP budget plan without a single Democratic vote. Now, the Senate needs to reject this stinking pile of garbage.
  • Moammar Gadhafi uses cluster bombs against his own people.
  • Massachusetts is looking at new ways to attack raising healthcare costs. They current approach isn’t working, which is exactly what I said two years ago.

So what stories are you following? What’s on your mind?

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  1. As attorny General in NY Eliot Spitszer was a thorn in the side of fiancial institions . They had to pay large fines for law breaking inside trading and soforth . I’m sure they knew Eliot had a weakness everyone does and so …. well you know the rest .

  2. I’ve been following the Texas Legislature and the drastic cuts taking place there to education, public health and everything else except tax breaks for corporations. I also noted today how brave the protesters in Syria are to keep at it despite government crackdowns.

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