How bizarre? Astronaut arrested for attempted kidnapping.

Where Montel?  I know he is all over this one.


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  1. This case is really sad. This woman obviously had a break from reality. My question is about the “love god”. Whats the deal with him. I can almost imagine his tactics with both these women. Playing one against each other. Giving mixed messages, etc., etc. If people would learn to be honest with each other with no game playing, this kind of thing probably would not happen.

  2. Carol, thanks for your comments. It is my personal opinion that we, humans, are programmed for some emotional responses. This astronaut has to be a very intelligent woman but jealously caused her to act irrationally.

    As far as the dude, it is unclear to me whether he was an active participant or passive. Was he the object of her desire or did he actively encourage her? The early reports that I have seen did not cover this.

    thanks again.

  3. Carol, you are 100% correct. He was playin’ both woman. “Love games” can often not end happily. Men seem to do this often. Why? Ego? Genetics?

    Honesty, will keep everyone out of jail and off the front page of the paper!

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