Tables are turned on Senator McCain at townhall

From TP:

Over this past month, it has become a customary sight at town halls across the country to witness angry protesters mouthing right-wing talking points against health reform. But yesterday, in a town hall forum in Phoenix, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was confronted by an attendee who voiced passionate anger in support of health reform:

Why don’t I have the health insurance you’ve got! Because I’m paying for it! And I’m paying for the President of the United States’ health insurance and Congress’ health insurance. Why don’t I have that! I’m your employer! I’m your employer! You work for me, and you’ve got a better health insurance plan than I’ve got!

McCain responded, “You’re exactly right. That’s why I want to make health care insurance available and affordable to you sir.”

Watch it:

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  1. He will never give up anything he has and will never give us the taxpayers….if you notice…all politicians live a long long time with the AAAAA+++++ healthcare, but cannot seen to come to an agreement for the taxpayors to get anything, but screwed around. He’ll be dead and all those Republicans and their families will still have theirs.

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